U.S. Acquisition Criteria

We invest in value-added apartment deals across the U.S. with a primary focus on Southern California. First-look pocket listings and off-market opportunities are strongly preferred. Paladin Realty has earned a reputation for integrity and as a strong, reliable buyer that protects its broker relationships.


Southern California, with a primary focus on greater Los Angeles, including adjacent counties

Property Profile

  • Class B/C apartments
  • 20-80 units
  • Older vintage (1950’s to 1990’s)
  • Well-located in safe, desirable working- and middle-class neighborhoods
  • Fatigued assets with correctable physical and operating deficiencies

Loss to Lease

20-30% discount to market rents

Value-Added Upside

Ability to significantly increase net operating income providing cushion should cap rates rise beyond proforma

Rent Control

State Law AB1482 locations strongly preferred

Deal Size

Typically $7-30 million

“Rising cap rates will create excellent buying opportunities in 2023.”

—Fred Gortner
Co-Founder & COO

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