Paladin Realty Invited by IFC to be an “EDGE Champion” – Recognized as a Leader in Sustainable Housing in Latin America

Paladin Realty Partners, LLC, a leading real estate investment fund manager focused on the Americas, announced today that is has been invited by the International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) to be an EDGE Champion in recognition of Paladin’s more than two decades of leadership in accelerating the adoption of international green building best practices for housing throughout Latin America.
The IFC’s Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) program was established to help developers design, build, and certify projects that achieve a minimum of 20% savings in water, energy, and embodied energy in materials. Paladin has been working with the EDGE program since 2018 when it certified its first low-income project in the greater metropolitan area of Mexico City, “Villas del Fresno”, a 1,639-unit project which is currently the largest EDGE-certified affordable housing project in the Western Hemisphere. The project will save an estimated 1,300 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year as well as saving 28% in energy, 24% in water and a savings of 74% in embodied energy in materials compared to conventional building.
“Paladin is honored to be recognized by the IFC as an EDGE Champion,” said Randall Loker, CIO and Chair of the ESG Committee at Paladin Realty. “We and our partners recognize the importance of building sustainable products, and we appreciate that our values align with such a highly respected institution, such as the IFC”.
To date, Paladin has certified eight projects (4,977 units) in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Peru and is in the process of certifying an additional ten projects in 2021.
“In many of our for-sale projects throughout the region, the buyers of our homes are drawn to the green certification that EDGE offers, and in some cases are also incentivized by local green credits. We see this as a win-win for all of the project stakeholders and we look forward to pushing forward this strategy with all future projects,” said Fred Gortner, Chief Operating Officer at Paladin Realty.
About Paladin Realty
Founded in 1995, Paladin Realty is a boutique private equity fund manager focused on institutional-quality real estate investments in the United States and Latin America. Employing a hybrid allocator/operator investment approach, the firm invests across a range of strategies (coreplus, value-added and opportunistic) and product types, including for-sale residential, rental apartments, student housing, office, industrial, lodging and land developments. Paladin Realty’s prior funds to date have invested in hundreds of assets totaling over $7 billion of projected total cost and more than 25 million square feet of space in eight countries. The firm has one of the longest track records of any institutional fund manager in Latin America, having continuously invested in Brazil, Mexico and the Andean region for the past two decades across $4 billion of real estate comprising over 37,000 residential units and 20 million square feet of space. Paladin Realty is a U.S. SEC-registered investment adviser headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with regional offices located in Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Colombia.
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